Our telecommunications services cover a wide range of products and turnkey services. Several leading companies have joined our ranks in order to offer a complete array of services, products and new technologies applicable in most situations. Our expert consultants bring specific solutions for different situations always in the spirit of sustainable development.

The main activities of Enertek:

  • Fixed telephony;
  • Mobile telephony;
  • Dedicated links;
  • Internet access.



Mobile WiMAX:

WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a global standard for multi-point transmission by radio. It was originally standardized by IEEE 802.16.

• We offer end to end solutions for networking and unified uniform.

For the user, we offer a wide range of fixed and mobile terminals. PCMCIA cards to PDAs communicating via telephones and modems, so we have a quantity of products to be closer to convergence.

On the network side, we have several base stations (RAS), ASN Gateway (CAB), application servers and server management.

• Our offer is a real WiMAX ecosystem to facilitate the marketing of turnkey systems.

The RAS product line is suitable for the recovery of urban and rural areas. All frequency bands (2.3/2.5/3.5GHz) included in the profile of mobile WiMAX are available.

Fiber Optics:

The establishment of a telecommunications system in marine Fiber Optics:

= interconnection node of marine cable
= Establishment of the NOC (Network Operations Center) and Switching (Distribution).
= Supply of the "Bandwidth" for telecom operators via Fibre Optics and Microwave
= Deploying a backbone (backbone) of fiber optic transmission capacity of technology to replace the FH.

Mobile Telephony: Construction of GSM Networks (3G and 4G)

All shelters (Base Station) will be emissions free with the provision of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The rapid development of ICT across all types of online services (eg e-government, e-banking, e-health, e-education)

etc. ...