Services & Products

Our services include:

- Feasibility studies
- EPC Services
- Funding Structures
- Energy Management: solar, wind, etc. ...
- Essential Services
- CDM (Clean Development Mechanism): Carbon Credits
- Telecommunications
- Transport
- Sustainable Development
- Energy Efficiency
- and others ....

Our Products:

-Solar Panels
-Solar Concentrators
-Wind Turbines
-Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
-LED Lighting
-Emissions free UPS Systems (Hydrogen Fuel Cells , Lithium Ion Batteries)
-Biomass and Biogas Power Plants
-etc ... (Catalog coming soon)

Energy Management

Energy Management and Energy Efficiency

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Our telecommunications services cover a wide range of products and turnkey services. Several leading companies have joined our ranks in order to offer a complete array of services, products and new technologies applicable in most situations. Our expert consultants bri... Read more

Solar Energy

In the thrust to find alternative sources of renewable energy, solar farming is becoming an opportunity for many situations.

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Wind Energy

Clean, Affordable Wind Energy.

Enertek, one of the world's leading renewable energy promoters, is providing the sustainable energy solutions required to meet the needs of an ever growing global soci... Read more

Hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells, a whole new perspective in renewable energy.

Enertek has recently signed an agreement of cooperation with FUTURE E, a german based company and a leader in fuel cell system developement and grid management, which position Enertek... Read more