Since 2007, our company's mission is to make access to essential services through renewable energy, practical, profitable AND UNIVERSAL;

we apply the same approach for telecommunications, water management and transportation. We do this through the design, development, construction, operation and management for our customers and partners, renewable energy projects as effective as possible. 

Our commitment to the use and commercialization of renewable energy in developing countries, especially in Africa, has allowed us to be a leader in technologies of wind energy systems, solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, biogas and biomass in several development projects. 

We offer our customers and partners a wide range of services from site selection to asset management. With increased attention to details by our talented and experienced professionals, our approach to renewable energy, not only accomplishes the basic efficiency and savings, but also opens the way to achieving energy independence in short or medium terms. Our clients are our partners in our quest to improve the health of the planet and the legacy for future generations. 

Our unique approach to essential services: energy, telecommunications, water, transport and agriculture, and the technologies we develop and commercialize are designed to facilitate universal access to essential services for all, and thus reduce poverty and improve lives.