Hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells, a whole new perspective in renewable energy.

Enertek has recently signed an agreement of cooperation with FUTURE E, a german based company and a leader in fuel cell system developement and grid management, which position Enertek favorably in the remote and rural energy markets and the telecom industry.

Distributed Generation

Modular fuel cell product are a megawatt-scale turnkey solution, designed to provide a supply of continuous (>80% uptime) zero-emission power. Suitable for locations with a demand for clean, reliable energy, the units utilize hydrogen as a fuel.

Key customers for this product include:

  • Chemical production plants – the unit provides base load power, using by-product hydrogen to generate electric utility that is either sold back to the grid through the electricity utility or used to offset power demand on site.

  • Remote Communities and business facilities – the unit offers scalable, modular electricity generation capability for off-grid communities, replacing expensive, polluting diesel generators.
  • Renewable energy producers – when coupled with a wind or PV system, the fuel cell unit can provide large scale energy storage using hydrogen produced during off-peak times.

Suitable for both occasional use (infrequent, emergency power outages) and supplemental power (regular outages due to an unreliable grid), fuel cells offer a number of significant advantages over conventional batteries and diesel generators for backup power solutions. These include: greater reliability over a wide range of operating conditions; lower maintenance costs; longer operating life; reduced size, weight, installation footprint; and positive environmental impacts.


Jupiter Independence

Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer System
All in one - Energy harvesting, storage and supply

Jupiter Independence was developed for 4 applications:

  • Backup Power
  • Smart Grid energy storage
  • Off-Grid energy solutions in combination with renewables.

Jupiter Independence is an environmentally
friendly high availability power supply for
extended runtimes without the need
for fuel logistics and large battery banks.

The Jupiter Independence design incorporates
the unique scalability concept of the
Jupiter product family.

Based on Jupiter Independence’s standardized building blocks all subsystems can be scaled
to meet customer specific needs, that includes
fuel cell, electrolyzer, hydrogen storage, water
tank and enclosure. In line with this approach
the central controller intelligence has also
been expanded to manage different
power, hydrogen supply and
storage combinations.

The Jupiter Independence outdoor enclosure is extendable side-by-side for larger system configurations and meets IP55 requirements.The basic configuration holds fuel cell, electrolyzer, energy management, hydrogen storage and water tank -all in one housing. For extra protection against vandalism the enclosure is optionally available in WK4 hardening (resistance class4). 

This is required by the German Federal Agency for Information Security 
(Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik/BSI) for high security communication networks.

The installation effort is reduced to an absolute minimum as all Jupiter Independence systems are delivered pre-assembled. Even for larger system configurations the extendable side-by-side design allows for minimum installation time.