Energy Management

Energy Management and Energy Efficiency

Most energy management processes require significant changes to existing traditional practices, and many solutions that reduce energy usage and costs in the long run require great investments of both time and money to achieve.

We offer:  evaluation, education, proposal, execution and implementation support (technologies).


Education of officials, executives, the public, and consumers must be an important and integral part of the process; our work as energy management consultants always education and information at the base of any successful and sustainable development. Everyone involved in the decision making process needs to learn about the current techniques and methods available for reducing energy use and costs.


Evaluating the current energy use usually requires a concerted and transparent effort from all concerned. The number of people required and the time frame varies widely, based on the size of the facilities, the complexity of the operation, and the current energy conservation processes in place, if any. Many changes required, often involve re-engineering or a complete change in current methodology.


The selection of energy sources is a key element of effective energy management. The use of these alternative renewable sources like solar and wind goes a long way to establishing sustainable development, and also decreases the demand on traditional utilities. Businesses and governments must develop and employ new strategies as part of their energy management programs and sustainable development.


Whether it is a new project, or an existing venture, there are ways to incorporate sound energy management into the process. Our consultants can help identify methods and strategies that are ideal for the type of project at hand, as well as for the climate trends in the region.

Energy costs are rising; Socio-Economic sustainable development is becoming a bigger burden for developing economies. Fortunately there’s still time to do something about it, and Enertek can be your partner in all aspects. Since 2007 Enertek has provided leadership that has put many clients on the road to energy efficiency and ultimately energy autonomy, we have partnered with clients in all sectors of the economy: Governments, Industrial, Manufacturing, Commercial, Institutional, etc.

Energy Audits
Energy efficiency programs
Energy autonomy studies
Energy Consumption inventories
Identification and Analysis of opportunities and programs
Feasibility Studies
Training and education
Re- Design and Re-engineering
Project Planning and Implementation

Related work:

 - Financial structuring
 - Site Surveys and Inspections
 - MDP qualification (PDD) and carbon Credits management
 - Maintenance & Management

Energy efficiency through renewable energy reduce costs and contribute to environmental awareness by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, with constantly  rising energy costs the cost of delaying any renewable energy management initiative is greater as the return on investment for renewable energy projects is usually far superior to most other traditional energy investment choices.