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Energy Management and Energy Efficiency

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Sustainable development

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Enertek EMT Canada Inc. is a Canadian corporation active in "Renewable Energy Management", Telecommunications, transportation, Green Construction, Essential services and Sustainable development, in response to global environmental concerns today.

We promote and practice conservation and energy efficiency, always by the identification and use of various types of renewable energy sources with the greatest degree of efficiency. In all cases, the focus of our particular approach is not only a reduction in energy use for better performance, but also the use of energy sources that are considered environmentally beneficial. This general concept can be applied at all levels and particularly in developing countries and in several ways. We develop and commercialize many systems and technologies specializing in the reduction and ultimately the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), including the acquisition and management of carbon credits, the establishment of new facilities to significantly enhance energy efficiency and the reduction of energy consumption today, with the ultimate goal of energy independence. Our goal is to work with developing countries to initiate "National projects" for sustainable development.

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